Sixth Series

Amazon sales assistant / foreign trade merchandiser

1、 Company profile:

Our company is engaged in cross-border e-commerce, and has more than 5 years of rich experience in Amazon platform, as well as the advantages of independent R & D products and core competitiveness of intellectual property rights. Excellent operation mode, looking forward to the ideal, down-to-earth and diligent young people to join us.

1. Company mission:

We are committed to bringing high-quality products to customers all over the world, lighting up life with creativity and service, and making people's life more wonderful;

2. Company philosophy:

Our goal is to make our team members achieve and make money.

2、 Job responsibilities:

1. Assist the operation specialist to manage Amazon stores;

2. Be responsible for handling customer mail, solving after-sales problems and improving customer satisfaction.

3. Try to remove the medium poor rating or change it into a positive one, and ensure the security, stability and sustainable development of the account.

4. Translate product information, upload product, optimize product page, process orders and follow up, ensure account security and maintain account number;

5. Be responsible for the promotion of products inside and outside the station, activities in Amazon website, and communication and docking with foreign online celebrities under the guidance of sales engineers.

6. Obey the company's arrangement and abide by the company's rules and regulations.

The company provides a complete Amazon training and play system, one-to-one guidance for assistants. Later qualified can operate Amazon account independently.

3、 Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, proficient in English, CET-6 or above;

2. More than half a year working experience in Amazon, basic operation of Amazon, customer service experience is preferred;

3. Have the ability to analyze and solve problems independently, be optimistic and positive, dare to accept challenges, be good at communicating with others, and have good team spirit and service consciousness;

4. Have a strong sense of responsibility, patience and resilience, good conduct, have a certain degree of pressure resistance, can adapt to overtime, be responsible for their own work;

5. Good team spirit, can recognize and integrate into the company's corporate culture;

6. The company provides belt and one training in the early stage, and then can operate the account independently;

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4、 Benefits:

1. Base salary + commission + meal allowance + holiday welfare + year end bonus + annual salary adjustment. The higher the performance is, the higher the salary will be

3. Working hours: 09:00-12:00, 13:30-18:30, week and week;

4. Holiday: enjoy all kinds of paid holidays, including legal holidays, marriage leave and other kinds of holidays;

5. Cultural activities: holding company activities from time to time, traveling and having dinner every month to enrich people's cultural life;

6. Growth welfare: a good training mechanism and the help of experienced operation supervisors.

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