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Chinese math English online Q & a teacher

Subjects: Chinese, mathematics, English, physics, chemistry, biology, history, politics, geography, science

Grade: primary school, junior high school and senior high school

Job requirements:

1. Good at any subject in primary school, junior high school and senior high school;

2. Bachelor degree or above, teaching experience is preferred.

3. Solid subject knowledge, familiar with the form and content of entrance examination in primary school or junior high school;

4. Putonghua is standard, with strong expression, affinity and good teaching skills;

5. Ensure good network environment, Windows 7 or above computer system at home, familiar with basic computer operation.

job content:

1. Through the company's own teaching platform, online one-to-one primary school, junior high school, high school discipline teaching work;

2. Understand and prepare teaching plan and pre class teaching plan according to students' learning ability and needs;

3. We should teach students according to their aptitude according to their aptitude and provide professional and high-quality one-to-one teaching service;

4. Participate in teacher training and departmental meetings regularly;

Salary and benefits:

Chinese math English online Q & a teacher(图1)

1. Using the teaching center platform developed by the company, it has powerful functions. You can have classes at home and in school. You don't need to rush about. You can work flexibly. You are not afraid of the heat, cold winter and haze;

2. Enjoy the guarantee of guaranteed basic course payment, the class fee is 55-120 yuan / hour, and there are also rewards and subsidies. You can apply for promotion and salary increase according to the number of years or the required number of courses. The income is higher than the level of the same industry, and the number of students is large and the number of courses is sufficient;

3. This year's students can sign a three-party agreement and have the opportunity to stay in full-time. They can pay five insurances and one fund (covering Shanghai and other provincial capitals) for full-time teachers. After working for one year, they can enjoy annual leave, holiday benefits and bonus;

4. They can be promoted to teaching management, regional supervisors, or become star lecturers, with huge development space;

5. Senior teaching and research team, strong academic atmosphere, regular professional training and learning exchange.

Function category: part time tutor

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