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Chinese teacher

Chinese teacher(图1)

22 to 30 years old, bachelor degree, full-time salary: 8,000 to 10,000 yuan

Job Description:

1) Provide students with professional teaching and consulting services;

2) Help students to improve their interest in learning and develop good learning methods and habits;

3) Make up for students' mistakes and help them improve their academic performance as soon as possible;

4) Participate in discipline teaching and research and learning activities to improve the teaching level;

5) Maintain students and parents, complete the continuation of class work;

6) Conduct hierarchical teaching and prepare lessons according to the specific situation of children

Job Requirements:

1) Bachelor degree or above in normal university; Experience is not limited to the type of education, teacher certification is preferred.

2) Standard Mandarin, decent and amiable in speech and behavior;

3) Good communication and expression ability, strong strain capacity, strong pressure resistance ability;

4) Positive attitude, rigorous, open-minded, studious, responsible, strong executive ability;

5) Organized and interactive lectures, able to teach students according to their aptitude and inspire teaching;

6) As a teacher, love education and teaching work, love students, have a good sense of service!

Company benefits:

1. Comfortable and clean working environment, relaxed and pleasant working atmosphere

2. Competitive basic salary and subsidy;

3. Industry-leading commission and bonus system;

4. Broad career promotion space and fair promotion mechanism;

5. Perfect social insurance system;

6. Paid annual leave, statutory holidays and other benefits;

7. Perfect induction training + on-the-job training mechanism (irregular professional training opportunities);

8. Birthday greetings, year-end performance bonus, annual travel, expansion, staff activities, etc

Promotion: teacher - discipline leader - Director of Teaching and research - Superintendent of campus

Salary: base salary + class commission + bonus + five social insurance and one housing fund + holiday benefits.

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